Pay it forward

So this is a post about thanks and gratitude. To you guys. Every single one of you.

I don’t want to go all mushy but I have been so ridiculously lucky to have met and worked with so many crazy wonderful people. I often get asked what’s the most amazing wedding I have ever shot, and yes I do get to see some pretty wonderful things BUT it is always, always ALWAYS about the people. And basically you rock my little world in so many ways.

Things have been a bit turbulent in the winter months this year. Normally a time to bed down and regroup my thoughts and processes, home life has been a little bit hectic for a number of reasons, most recently my hubby having a short stint in hospital and an operation (he is recouping on the sofa with a cuppa as I type this so worry not : ) 

I have been overwhelmed by peoples understanding and offers of help and I really want to be able to do something back by way of saying a very big thank you to everyone.  

So as a small way to be able to pay it forward, I’ll be doing a shoot day in May (most likely Sunday 14th but date to be confirmed yet) where I will be offering free shoots to anyone I have worked with before. Couples/family/portrait on your own whatever you fancy, I will shoot it and give you a whole heap of lovely photos back for free and a beautiful A3 print of your favourite picture from the session. 

The shoot will be at my place (I can bombard you with tea/homebrew/cake that way). There are some gorgeous locations near to where I live (Coalbrookdale in the Ironbridge Gorge) and I am also just finishing building my tiny home studio too (pictured below) if the weather is unkind and we need some indoor space). 

So if you are up for it, just drop me an email at and lets get plan making. I for one cant wait : )  

I’m feeling ready to adventure into 2017 now, bring it on baby! Shaking off the winter dust and ready to feel the sun on my face, who’s coming with me?! : ) 

Love to you all

Bethan, John and little S xxx

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